Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Cinema, plays, music, dance, whatever. They were invented for a reason. To let off steam. To enjoy, to have a good time, to entertain and to be entertained; and that's how it should be.
Movies are meant for entertainment. That's it. You watch a movie to be entertained and have a good time. Not to sob off at some marvel of a creation, which captured the essence of some crap. You don't go to movies to watch how well the lead star brought out the emotions, or how well the costumes and sets were designed, or how deep the lyrics were. They have to be good and they have to make you feel entertained. That's it. That's the problem with the so called, self proclaimed "movie critics" and "cinema experts" these days. They don't rate movies based on how well they entertain you. They rate movies on how well the dialogues were spoken, how much emotion a certain line carried and how much weight the message carried. Why don't they ever give 5 stars to a movie? What do they think they are? Some kind of authority over which movie is good and which one is not? It's horrible what they do to certain movies based on their "critical analysis" and brand them 3 star or 2 star movies. Had I, or a normal person been a film critic, I would have made some changes out there. Movies like Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Don, Golmaal (the new one), Rang de Basanti, Eurotrip and Phonebooth would've gotten 5 stars. They entertained me. I was happy and entertained after watching these. I felt that the time I had spent watching these movies was well spent. The overhyped and overrated movies like Black, The Departed, Ben Hur and Citizen Kane would've gotten 2 stars at maximum. They made me feel sleepy. They were boring. How can such movies be called the Gems of Cinema? I actually fell asleep while I was watching Citizen Kane. I am not kidding. It was a horrible movie. I closed it midway. It seems some people have gone overboard while they judge movies. They're looking into things that they need not. Don't look at the shading above the eyebrows and below the lips of the Mona Lisa when the whole picture looks okay. I'm not a critic-hater. We need you guys. But please tone down a little. Tell me what made you give Black 4.5 stars? It was the most boring movie of the 21st century. Remember, Movies are for entertainment. That's it. Please don't dig deep unnecessarily. Say this to yourself repeatedly during the day, and you'll become a better film critic.


Chirag said...

I completely agree with you!...these movie critics are nothing but a bunch of fools...and black was definitely a boring movie...ek dum bakwas aur log bahar nikal ke kehte hain ki dil ko chu(touch) gayi!!...CRAPPy isn't it??

Abhinav K. Gupta said...

hmmm.. It feels gr8 to find out that someone else also thinks the way i do.

H!P, $mart author said...

a lot of people do!