Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry Potter 1

Harry Potter 1 in brief:

/\/ 8-) ----> Harry Potter emoticon

Harry: WTF!!!! I wanto get outof here. NOW!!!!

Uncle: No, you'll stay here forever cleaning my toilets!!!! (EVIL LOL!!!!)

Hagrid: ROFL ROFL!!!! You gonna stop me? Just try!!!! (Poof!!!!)

Harry: OMGF? Wear are we, Hagrid?

Hagrid: We are in Diagon alley, the place where all wizards spend their lives after graduating from Hogwarts (LOLOLOLOL!!!!)

Harry: Hogwarts? Tell me moar.

Hagrid: Shut up and climb this train.

....train arrives at Hogwarts School of Magic....

Harry: LMAO!!!! Is this Disneyland? Or is it a glorified circus? :p :p :p :p!!!!

Malfoy: I'm evil, and i'm pure-blooded. I shall pwn all the half-bloods here. OMG WTF!!!! It's Harry Potter, the boy who lived!!!!

Harry:Huh? :| Okay, I better get sorted.

Hat: Go to slytherin and you'll pwn the world. Just for lulz. Plus you'll get to bang
Millicent Bulstrode. Oh, wtf wtf, you have dandruff :*o !!!! Go away!!!! Go to Gryfindor and play with dumbeldore's beard!!!!

Ron: There's a dawg in the castle with 3 heads. It can pwn you in a second. And its guarding a stone.

Harry: Neat shit. Lets check out the rock!!!!

Hermione: Did I tell you that it makes you un-killable? (no, srsly!!!!)

Harry: O rly? What do you do with it? Swallow it from the behind? :D :D :D :D

Hermione: First we play our iPods to put this dawg to sleep. Give me 3 pairs of earphones. Shit. No earphones????

Ron: I have speakers.

Harry: Whew, you nearly stole the lulz from my face!!!!

....Music plays, Dawg faints....

Harry: OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! Chess board???? Flying keys???? Poison???? Wait, I have a spell I learnt from professor McSnapeAGall's cat, Mr. Nearly Headless D!ck: ROFLfartus LOLOLWTFius!!!!

Hermione: You kicked assh!!!! You winnar!!!!

Harry: ROFL!!!! Come on, quirrel, remove the turban and touch me!!!! OF!!!! A stone in my pocket. Come get it, Volemort? OMGF!!!! I named you!!!! LMAO LMFAO LMFAOROFL!!!!

Voldemort: bAHHHH!!!! I touched you and got pwned!!!! Hlp me pls!!!!

Dubmbledore: attero gallo!!!!

Voldemort: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! I dead!!!! You winnar, again!!!!

Harry: Professor? WTF was that? How did you fly from London to this ape-camp so quickly?

Dumbledore: Magic, troll-hole!!!! Are you an idiot? What have you done all this year?

Harry: Then why don't we just magic our way out of all this Voldemort snakeshit?

Dumbledore: Just for lulz. Plus, JK Rowling will get to sell some moar books and pwn every publisher!!!! End of story. ROFL ROFL!!!!

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